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Pherazone Ultra Is Too Powerful!

So from my own reference experiences with pheromones, I have no clue on how to be a gentleman. From my ex-girlfriend’s indoctrination I have a mental flexibility in this topic that I didn’t know until now. I decided to try Pherazone Ultra to see if this pheromone would be any different than the competing products […]

Best Pheromones For Men and Women [2017]

Although insects, mammals and other animals were known to excrete pheromones for several reasons including attraction between the sexes, expression of territorial dominance and, ultimately, the perpetuation of the species, this was untrue for humans. This changed in 1986 when results of the landmark studies conducted by Dr. Winnifred Cutler which confirmed the existence of […]

Top Pheromones For Your Sex Life

It is difficult to believe in things that you cannot hold in your hand, look at, and smell. This is an issue that comes up when discussing religion, but it also comes up when discussing the existence of pheromones. Those who believe in pheromones believe they are invisible, scentless chemicals that are released from the […]

Pheromones For Men Help Me Get Laid

Twins and triplets often finish one another’s sentences, and some have their own language no one else can understand. Some people are extremely sensitive to vibes coming from others and know when someone else is in distress or danger. There are stories of miracles on earth circulating everywhere, so it shouldn’t be a stretch of […]

Do We Know Pheromones Really Work? [2017]

You may be wondering if pheromones have some role in the lives of people. Scientists have debated this controversial topic for decades, but there is some evidence that there is literally something in the air that brings people together. While most people are loathe to compare themselves to other creatures, there is something to be […]

The Power of Pheromones and Sexual Attraction

Lets discuss the synthetic (and more potent) versions of the original pheromone molecules. Organic chemist Clive Jennings-White led the research, publishing his findings in a paper titled “Perfumery and the Sixth Sense.” Jennings-White discovered that two substances extracted from human skin have significant effects on the VNO: estratetraenol and androstadienone. As would be expected, the […]

What Is The Best Pheromone Cologne?

2017 is sure to be a year of change for many men. A number of gentlemen who wish to improve their social standing could be looking at unique and drastic measures to actually arrive at some sort of desirable change. Perhaps buying the right pheromone cologne may change things for the better. A pheromone cologne […]

My Experience With Pheromone Colognes

Lately I’ve been having such tenacity as to whether pheromone colognes work. Whenever a hard problem arises that seems to tower over my head, I tell myself that “If there’s a will, there’s a way to use my pheromones” and as I keep failing to find the solution, I’ve been telling myself “Rome wasn’t built […]

Appraisal of Pheromone bioassays

It is not easy to devise bioassays to determine the function of the components of the Nasonov pheromone when they probably interact in a complex way and perhaps have different functions in different behavioural situations. It is possible that some components are especially effective in stimulating alight- ing. Nearly all methods used are open to […]

Pheromone Bioassay: foraging

When tested singly (E)-citral, (Z)-citral, geraniol, nerolic acid and geranic acid induced the bees to release Nasonov pheromone in the tunnel, and mixtures lacking only one of these components stimulated pheromone release less effecively. In contrast to the other components, (E,E)-farnesol and nerol did not encourage Nasonov exposure when tested singly, and omission of either […]