Best Pheromones For Men and Women [2017]

Although insects, mammals and other animals were known to excrete pheromones for several reasons including attraction between the sexes, expression of territorial dominance and, ultimately, the perpetuation of the species, this was untrue for humans. This changed in 1986 when results of the landmark studies conducted by Dr. Winnifred Cutler which confirmed the existence of human pheromones. Pheromones are now often added to colognes and perfumes like Pherazone, but that’s another story.

Natural Human Secretions

These chemical factors are secreted by both men and women albeit each sex secretes different types. These naturally-occurring substances are secreted by both sexes especially during fertile periods and make their way into the air, where they can be detected by the vomeronasal organ, which lies between the nose and the mouth.

Once detected by the vomeronasal organ, the brain picks up the signal and triggers the appropriate response in the individual. The response differs depending on several factors including the specific type and combined strength of the pheromones detected, said responses of which include feelings of safety and security coupled with a strong sexual attraction.

The best pheromones extracted from natural sources are then incorporated into colognes formulated to enhance the wearer’s sexual appeal, social confidence and overall attractiveness. The costs vary from one scented product to the next but the best cologne like Pherazone is definitely well worth the money given its benefits.

Main Types with Distinct Yet Complementary Roles

What exactly are the types of pheromones? Let’s discuss the types and the roles that these play in sexual attraction between the sexes, among other purposes:

• In men

First, when it comes to the best pheromones in sexual attraction, we must say that androstenol is the go-to chemical factor. Its chemical formulation is such that it stimulates strong feelings of romance, passion and sexual attraction without the other person knowing why this is so. For example, the woman may not exactly find the man to be her type but for an inexplicable reason, she is drawn to him; it’s not chemistry, it’s pheromones at work.

Second, the best pheromones when it comes to competition among men and sexual tension in women are androstenone. This is because the main responses generated by androstenone are dominance, assertiveness and aggression – all hallmarks of territorial feelings. Said responses stimulate feelings of sexual tension in women because their natural reaction is to offer resistance against such strong characteristics.

Third, androsterone mainly encourages feelings of safety and security in women and simultaneously giving off an aura of virility, fertility and masculinity. When it is combined with other pheromones, the effect is truly beneficial for the wearer of the cologne.

• In women

So far, science has identified a single chemical factor in women necessary for sexual attraction but it may well be as potent as all three of its male counterpart. Copulins have been proven to increase the males’ testosterone levels by as much as 150%! When women excrete copulins and men detect these substances, sparks fly, so to speak.

From the abovementioned discussion, we now know that the best pheromones have distinct yet complementary roles. The absence of a single pheromone – or the weakness in the formulation – makes the entire cologne work in a less effective manner. Thus, all the best pheromones must be infused in the cologne for the wearer to enjoy the desired effect, which is true in the case of Pherazone.

Actual Benefits in Physical Attraction

From the abovementioned discussion, we can conclude several benefits from using scented products with these chemical substances:

• Stronger sex appeal where the opposite sex is concerned

• More passion, romance and sexual fire in your relationship

• Greater sense of approachability useful in the sexual, social and professional aspects of your life

• Better sense of self-confidence, thanks to your conquests in your personal and professional life

There are a few different scenarios under which pheromones might work for you:

You feel too nervous to approach members of the opposite sex.
You are in a new place and don’t know anyone.
Your people skills are a bit lacking.

These are three very good reasons for which you might want to use pheromones, but there are some things you will want to remember before you start using them as a sort of universal love potion.

Pheromone Cologne — Not a Love Potion

One of the most common misconceptions regarding pheromone cologne is the belief that they are actually using some type of love potion. It is within your best interest to use pheromone cologne as a supplement to your personality. Keep in mind that without a good personality, you will be, for the most part, out of luck when it comes to landing dates. All in all, you should try to be yourself and ensure you’re not ‘pushing it’.


Let’s be honest. Some of the best pheromones stink. Literally. When you are deploying them in your life you should ensure you are not covering your entire body with pheromones. Why not? Let’s talk a bit about what pheromones are and their role in modern society.

The Role of Pheromones — Past and Future

Pheromones have had a number of different roles throughout the past and in the present day. The first thing you need to know is that pheromones have played a role in our lives from the beginning of time. As a part of the animal kingdom we have a need to attract other like minded individuals, or at least others who are interested in mating. Through mating, our species has survived for ages, and pheromones have allowed the opposite genders to become attracted to one another. Though this worked well in the prehistoric days, and even up to the industrial age, how does it work now? Can it really make a difference? Believe it or not, the answer is actually yes, even though pheromones do not play an incredibly large role in our lives anymore.

There is no argument that women love the smell of a fresh, clean man, especially in present times. The thing to remember is that right now, freshness and cleanliness can be associated with success. After all, these days you need to have a certain level of income to meet the current standard of ‘clean’. The argument of course would be that ‘cleaning’ removes the pheromones from the skin, and it is true to an extent. The thing to keep in mind is that our skin is always secreting pheromones, but when you buy pheromone cologne, you can actually supplement the process.

Off the Shelf

Pheromone colognes can be purchased from a number of different sources, but before you make any major investment you should do a bit of research. Some companies spend the bulk of their money advertising and put very little effort into their pheromone product. This is one area where you simply cannot cut corners, especially if you want an effective pheromone experience.


We’ve spent time explaining what pheromones are, but why not talk a bit about Pherazone? This is a practical example and it happens to cover three different demographics:


Pherazone is a bit unique in that it offers support for homosexuals whereas others simply cover men and women. Their openness toward the gay community makes them a bit more preferred. In addition to that, Pherazone is a odorless, colorless cologne that many claim helps to increase attraction. For example one customer claims his visits to the local gym have become much more enjoyable, and women who never gave him the time of day before are actually lining up to speak to him. As we said before though, this is not a magical fix, even with a product like Pherazone.

Pherazone is a high quality product, lab-certified, and if you wish, optimized with the leading fragrances in the world.

If you are interested in improving your social life and connections, then it would be within your best interest to start using pheromones, but most importantly, using them correctly.