Human Pheromones 2015

Are you interested in using pheromone colognes to attract women? I have been with my girlfriend for the past 8 months. She is amazing in many ways, and I truly feel lucky to be with her. I love her, and she loves me. However, we are struggling now and I am not so sure if I want to further commit to her. I have a gut feeling of how this is going to go, but any advice or feedback would help.

My girlfriend has many qualities I want in a partner, she’s beautiful, loyal, intelligent, works hard, wants the best, cute, giving, etc. We have some differences, but I find we bring out qualities in which we struggle in. For example, I am a very social guy, she isn’t, but she’s become more social because of me.

How Pheromone Colognes Attract Women

Pheromone colognes work by arousing the vomeronasal organ in humans. Cologne manufacturers use a combination of androstenone, androstenol, and androsterone in their pheromone brands.

Pheromones are all about attracting people of the opposite sex. Pheromones are a chemical signature compound put out by various animals to attract members of their own species. The idea is other members of your species will want to have sex with you and propagate. Learn about male pheromones research.

Pheromones are not just sex attractants. They refer to any chemical that your body releases that tell other members of your species important information. That can refer to sexual information like I am in heat or ovulation. It can also refer to a predator is nearby and that we should all move along.

Pheromones in Animals

When dogs and cats pee to mark their territory they are actually releasing pheromones to mark the parameter of their territory. This is non-controversial for many parts of the animal kingdom. Pheromones are controversial in primates and humans whether we reproduce these and whether we have any receptors to receive them.

Pheromones in Humans

Humans use the vomeronasal organ to receive pheromones. It is controversial but you should never pass up an opportunity to attract people of the opposite sex. There are some studies that appear to support this. Dr. Cutler discovered human pheromones in 1986. I guess that is where it entered the conversation space. She did a double blind study on men in their 20s. She created a synthetic version of these pheromones using an atomizer.

The guys wearing the human pheromones got an increase in attention from women by 74%. 74% of those wearing the pheromones noticed an increase by using them. 23% of men in the placebo group also saw an increase.

Dr. Cutler began to market this study for her new pheromone products and the rest is history. Other people sell pheromones not based on her research so her studies confirm that pheromones exist in humans.

One of the most popular pheromones used on the market today belongs to Pherazone which contains over 36 mg per fluid ounce. Many consider this to be the best pheromones on the market.