My Experience With Pheromone Colognes

Lately I’ve been having such tenacity as to whether pheromone colognes work. Whenever a hard problem arises that seems to tower over my head, I tell myself that “If there’s a will, there’s a way to use my pheromones” and as I keep failing to find the solution, I’ve been telling myself “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

I am feeling like I can complete anything that I really put my mind to and I don’t let myself fall flat into the failure mentality that leads people to giving up on their ventures.

Great energy, great perspective, feeling like I am the creator of my world of pheromone attraction. I am feeling very confident with the usage of pheromones Currently starting up a business and have been dealing with a lot of failures but with a strong grip on the goal. I eat the failures, open up and laugh at the attempt, learn from it and do better. I have been feeling very confident and speak out to whatever I feel on the inside my desires for love.

Sustained dominance, continued aggressive feelings to alert me that I’m being impinged upon – much better at controlling these feelings through pheromone usage. There have been points that I went out of my way to stop something that was annoying me when I normally wouldn’t have – normally it probably wouldn’t have even annoyed me at all to begin with. Check out my pheromone cologne review.

But the more you see the things that anchor this aggression, the more you realize the boundaries that you’re letting being crossed. The more you can keep everything from crossing those boundaries of attraction to the opposite sex. God, I gotta say.. This program has made a tremendous difference on me ALREADY.. and I am only on stage 2. It’s seriously insane…

Before starting this pheromonal program I was already quite dominant, I would ensure that no one crosses conscious boundaries and I would set boundaries.. I would also know to be the one making direction of the group (because otherwise I would be the subservient one)…

But man-oh-man.. That voice that tells me “that action is annoying” or “he’s annoying” gets LOUD .. LOUDER than it ever has before, to the point where I find the need to either escape the situation (maneuvering it through persuasion or leaving it all-together) or through telling the person in a straight-forward manner what is upsetting me…

I had spent a majority of years on PUA pheromones – but after this stage I am understanding another subtly – I am much more forward with woman – smiling at them and giving them progressive movements (in the back of my mind I feel myself thinking “She just wants to know that you’re receptive to her attention and that you want it” so I do it and I always get opened convos from it..

To cap that, I also feel very fine when a girl doesn’t speak much in convo as I opened to her (because in the back of my mind I hear myself think that she is just A) flustered B) testing to see if I am anything worth it) and it works out in the end as well.