Pherazone Ultra Is Too Powerful!

So from my own reference experiences with pheromones, I have no clue on how to be a gentleman. From my ex-girlfriend’s indoctrination I have a mental flexibility in this topic that I didn’t know until now. I decided to try Pherazone Ultra to see if this pheromone would be any different than the competing products on the market.

What I noticed is that I can use Pherazone Ultra that gentleman use to build sexual tension. Or, more accurately, that is my expectation. I have no clue if it will work out like that, but it will be fun to try. I presume that many guys use chivalry because it is expected or it will help them. I prefer to view it as a tool that needs to be used sparingly. It needs to be used to set a coherent frame that is easy for her to understand and to create moments of sexual tension with male pheromones.

The key for me to being a gentleman is picturing my target as my ex-girlfriend and then just do that ‘gentle man thing’ she always wanted me to do. It seems like fun to try for a couple of times. I might be falling into a huge trap that normally is open for beginners. Perhaps I’m completely off-base here. But whatever, this is part of the fun! This is what exploration in pickup is about. This is fun to try on women that do not match my expectation to switch to my ‘big game hunter’ style and nuke the shit out of it as intensely as possible from moment 1 — and given my current ‘big game’ record, opening like that works well enough for me, that I screw up later is not because of my first move using these pheromones.

Then it dawned on me that not only did I listen. She planted inception on me. That whole seen has a whole backlog of gentlemen that are coming from her. My ex-girlfriend is heavily into British gentlemen, so she would showcase them all the time. I never thought much of it, but the occassional movie that we had to see — starring a British gentleman — or a playful comment on how ‘romantic’ I was (#sarcasm) with her did give me a sub-conscious competence in what being a gentleman means, to her at least.

I used to be really playful in pickup using pheromones. My ex-girlfriend kind of killed that behavior. She really hated it when I started talking random flying elephant or unicorn bullshit (conversely, that is precisely how I seduced one of the most intimidating good women in my life, just saying — see this old school post, click!). Actually, she amplified my teasing part, now that I think about it. I loveeed to tease her. And she let me, oh man!

When younger, I used to be playful because I was so serious IRL. Because of that I felt like I was missing out on the ‘fun’ of life and also my genuine playful side atrophied. So during my sets I’d always consciously remind myself to be as playful as possible.