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Appraisal of Pheromone bioassays

It is not easy to devise bioassays to determine the function of the components of the Nasonov pheromone when they probably interact in a complex way and perhaps have different functions in different behavioural situations. It is possible that some components are especially effective in stimulating alight- ing. Nearly all methods used are open to […]

Pheromone Bioassay: foraging

When tested singly (E)-citral, (Z)-citral, geraniol, nerolic acid and geranic acid induced the bees to release Nasonov pheromone in the tunnel, and mixtures lacking only one of these components stimulated pheromone release less effecively. In contrast to the other components, (E,E)-farnesol and nerol did not encourage Nasonov exposure when tested singly, and omission of either […]

Human Pheromones 2015

Are you interested in using pheromone colognes to attract women? I have been with my girlfriend for the past 8 months. She is amazing in many ways, and I truly feel lucky to be with her. I love her, and she loves me. However, we are struggling now and I am not so sure if […]